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Water Damage Restoration Equipment Rental

checkmarksService Master Recovery Services offers water damage equipment rental at affordable prices. We will even deliver the equipment to you at an additional cost. Want a pro to take care of everything for you? We also provide full water damage cleanup and restoration services.

Now available at our locations in Milwaukee, New Berlin, Manitowoc, Janesville, Marquette, and Marinette.

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Service Call
Price: $165.00
Includes one tech visit to home to assess damage, set or pick up equipment or help with flood work. (up to an hour, including travel time)
Estimate (Normal hours 8am-5pm)
Price: $250.00 (After Hours 5pm-8am $350)
Includes a full water damage estimate by a certified technician. Can be given to the insurance company to file a claim. Should you choose to have us do the work for you, this amount gets applied to your bill.
Consultant (Normal hours 8am-5pm)
Price: $55.00/Hour (After Hours 5pm-8am $100/Hour)
Have our trained and certified professional assess and give you advice on your water damage restoration.
Delivery & Pickup
Price: $75.00
Price to deliver or pick up equipment. Includes truck and labor to load equipment. Includes area within 40 miles round-trip of warehouse location. Additional charge will apply to deliveries 40 miles round-trip or greater.
Sahara Pro X3 TurboDryer
Price: $25.00/Day
The Sahara Pro X3 delivers powerful 2700 CFM airflow exactly where you need it — at floor level, up walls, or up stairways.
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Price: $35.00/Day
The AirPath from Dri-Eaz lets you dry all types of carpets and hard floors in minutes, not hours. Directs air uniformly in all directions across floor surfaces for fast drying
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Ace Turbo Dryer Air Mover
Price: $30.00/Day
The Ace TurboDryeroffers six different positions to help you tackle the most difficult drying challenges. Dry structures fast with 1800 actual CFM.
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Vortex Axial Fan
Price: $45.00/Day
This Dri-Eaz airmover will ventilate confined spaces through up to 125 feet of Sto&Go ducting – or propel dry air across large open areas to aid in drying. Improve indoor air quality; remove unwanted odors.
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Price: $65.00/Day
Removes up to 64 pints per day.Super convenient size.Hot-gas bypass for fast defrost.
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LGR Dehumidifier
Price: $85.00/Day
LGR technology boosts effective operating range.Compact size – only 92 pounds. Draws only 5 amps – but removes 70 pints at AHAM.
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LGR Dehumidifier XL
Price: $125.00/Day
The LGR Dehumidifier XL removes more water than any other dehumidifier in its category!
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Defend air Hepa 500 air scrubber
Price: $75.00/Day
Get high efficiency air filtration and great versatility in a highly portable package. The HEPA 500 is ideal for handling indoor air quality needs on every restoration job
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Extraction Unit
Price: $100.00/Day
Powerful productivity functions to make it one of the most versatile extractors available today. Get portable extraction plus truckmount boosting and prefiltering – all in one unit
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Moisture Probe
Price: $35.00/Day
The meter has contact probes at the end of 3 foot coiled cable for detecting moisture in difficult to reach locations.
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Pump Sprayer
Price: $15.00/Day
Designed for heavy duty, continuous spraying. This sprayer is perfect for applying an antimicrobial product. Includes easy-fill wide mouth and cone spray jet spraying.
Wall Drying System
Price: $150.00/Day
Specially developed to target areas that need high air exchange rates. Set up in minutes. Replace fewer walls and ceilings. Dries beneath and behind cabinets and stairwells.
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Floor Drying System
Price: $190.00/Day
Floor drying system. Used to dry most types of hardwood and engineered floors. Save your damaged floor instead of facing costly replacement.
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Dragon 3600 mobile furnace
Price: $830.00/Day *Does not include fuel. Customer will need to set up an account with a fuel company direct.
As the only mobile heater designed and built for restoration, the Dragon delivers the performance you need to tackle drying jobs even in the most difficult conditions.
Desiccant Dehumidifier
Price: $275.00/Day
The most versatile desiccant available on the market today. The unit is highly portable and easy to maneuver on its semi-pneumatic wheels

*Specialty and Larger equipment available upon request – call for details.