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Smart Home Innovations Can Help Save Your Home

When it comes to home disaster and damage, there isn’t usually many warning signs or much that you can do to stop it from happening. However, there is good news. With today’s technology in smart home innovations, protecting your home is more accessible and more manageable.  These Smart devices continually grow and improve, and now […]

Ways to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

The best way to handle water and mold damage is to prevent it before it occurs. While there are extreme and often unavoidable scenarios that require flood control and water damage restoration, usually, the worst you have to deal with is mold remediation as a result of not knowing the origin of water damage. Here […]

3 Uncommon Places Mold Can Grow In The Home

Let’s get down and dirty with mold. No one ever wants to hear about it especially when it is in your home, and you are having to try and get rid of it. The only thing mold needs to grow is a damp, dark area and a food source. Today we will go over some […]

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Tips to Prevent Winter Home Fires

Home fires can happen in all months of the year – the cold, winter months see a lot of fires, just as much as the warmer summer months. Keeping some tips in mind for the safety of you and your home can help you prevent house fires from happening. This keeps everyone safe and also […]

Mold Problems From Water Damage

When there is water damage, you can be sure that mold is also an issue if the water has sat for too long in the area. Due to this, many people find that the damages done extend beyond the reach of just traditional water clean up and dry out. While some companies might tell you […]

Fire Prevention Week – Where Every Second Counts

Oct 8 – 14th is Fire Prevention Week and as we embark on fire safety and understanding what to do, how to do it and where to do it, keep in mind that an estimated 350,000 fires that responders go too per year. The numbers are even hire, as this only represents three quarters of […]

Alert: Tropical Storm Harvey

We are prepared to mobilize with equipment and crews if needed to respond to Harvey flooding and devastation.  As always, we can be reached 24/7 at 800-559-9070.  Current Conditions and Forecast Tropical Storm Harvey is currently located approximately 380 SE of Port Oconnor, TX heading NNW at 10 MPH. Harvey is projected to achieve Major Hurricane […]

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Homeland Security – Tools and Resources to Help Businesses Plan, Prepare, and Protect from an Attack

Homeland Security Starts with Hometown Security The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) closely monitors attacks on public gatherings and public places to constantly enhance the Nation’s security. During both steady state and times of heightened awareness, DHS engages closely with our private sector and community partners to provide expert counsel and recommendations about protective […]