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Mold Damage – How to Prevent Mold Problems

  • Locate and correct any sources of moisture.
  • Inspect roofs annually for leaks and check flashing between surfaces, around chimneys, vent stacks or dormers.
  • Keep gutters clear so water doesn’t collect.
  • Assure proper attic ventilation which allows for warmer air to escape and better circulation.
  • In colder climates, make sure that your attic insulation and ventilation is adequate.This can prevent ice dams which may cause water to back up under roof shingles.
  • Inspect kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms for signs of water supply or waste line leaks and fix them promptly.
  • Make sure that shower walls and floors are structurally sound, and that grout and joints are well sealed.
  • Make sure that bathrooms have ventilation fans.
  • Inspect air conditioners and refrigerators annually. Proper operation and drainage will help to avoid microbial growth.
  • Inspect basements and crawl spaces to ensure adequate insulation, ventilation and drainage. Assure that clothes dryers are vented outside.