Home or office disasters aren’t always caused by a gas leak, water damage, blowing a fuse or natural disaster. Sometimes it can be caused by the person living in the home. Hoarding, a complex mental health disorder, can be a real problem and is a leading cause for many home disasters. It can lead to home damage and health risks as well.

At ServiceMaster Recovery Services we are here to help clean up the mess. If you are located in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and you or someone you love has fallen victim to hoarding and is in need of clean up and restoration, we are here and ready to help. Even if the level of disaster is severe, we can come in, clean up the mess and help restore the home to the clutter-free and healthy life you deserve!

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Clutter removal
  • Debris clean-up
  • Help locate lost belongings and valuables
  • Help with distributing donations
  • Assist in distributing kept items to family (local and national)
  • Help facilitate paperwork required by local governments or agencies

Hoarding is a known mental health condition and although there is no known cure for it, there are preventative measures that you can take. There are signs and symptoms that can be treated to prevent it from becoming severe. Here is a list of what to look out for:

  • Cluttered living spaces
  • Countertops or other surfaces found in the home are covered with clutter and piles.
  • The inability to throw anything away:
    • Accumulation of unnecessary items such as excessive newspapers, magazines or junk mail or trash.
    • Piles are moved outside once there is no more space indoors.
  • Have a difficult time with organization
  • Have a difficult time making decisions
  • Extreme attachment to items

Those the giant mess is a huge problem, there are more serious complications as a result of hoarding. Often times, the mess can lead to harmful physical and mental health conditions. Below are a few risks a hoarder can face:

  • Clutter
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Increased risk falling
  • Increased risk of items falling on them
  • Inability to perform daily survival tasks, such as cooking or bathing
  • Poor focus and performance
  • Family conflicts
  • Loneliness due to social isolation

Different levels of Hoarding:

If the home is still accessible with a few to zero pills or pet accidents, you are probably at a level 1 on the 1-5 spectrum, 1 being low and 5 being high severity.

A level-5 situation would result in major structure damage, which could result in no power, no water and no sewer function. There are obvious hazards, such as cause for fire and poor health conditions. Ultimately, the home is unlivable.

Blocked entries or exits, clutter spreading from indoors to outdoors, spills, infestations or other potential hazardous living situations can and will fall somewhere in between.

Don’t let the disorder and these messes consume your life or the life of someone that you care about. If you are seeking professional help, then let us help you.

It’s time to clear out the junk and restore your life. Call us today!