Buildup of moisture and excess humidity can always become one of the primary sources causing mold growth within properties. In order for mold to develop, it requires only three key items to be met: excessive moisture, a dark environment, and an organic food source (such as cellulose, which several building materials contain). The Janesville mold remediation experts at ServiceMaster Recovery Services has some advice you can use to help protect your Janesville, Wisconsin property from mold and milder, please see below.

Check Weather Seals
A few times out of the year, check on the condition on the seals of your windows, doors and vents. These are areas where water can buildup and seep through, creating a perfect environment for mold growth and water damage. Ensure that the weather seals aren’t cracked, torn, or damaged. If there are signs of damages consider replacing them as soon as possible.

Eliminate Moisture with Dehumidifiers
Keep the moisture in the air at bay and the air dry with the use of a dehumidifier. This piece of equipment operates by sucking in air, extracting the moisture, and producing dry air. A dehumidifier will help you to avoid moisture buildup within your property and prevent mold growth.

Bathroom and Kitchen Fans
Remember to always use the fans in you kitchen and bathroom when cooking or bathing. When you bathe or cook, steam and water condensation can buildup and stick onto the walls, cabinets, and other surfaces. Bathroom and kitchen fans are used to help remove steam to prevent water damage and mold growth.

Inspect Low-Traffic Areas
Once a season, put time aside to inspect the low traffic areas of your property. low traffic areas can be classified as basements, attics, crawlspaces, underneath sinks and faucets, and other non-commonly used portions of a property. These areas are prime locations for mold growth, as they left undisturbed, water leaks can occur and go unnoticed, and these areas are generally dark and void of light.

Check for Water Leaks
Annually, hire a professional plumber to inspect your property’s pipes and plumbing system. One of the primary sources of water damage and mold growth is a leaking pipe. As water can buildup to cause structural damages and creates the perfect environment for mold to infest a property.

When you need Janesville mold removal services, trust the disaster restoration experts at ServiceMaster Recovery Services. We specialize in Janesville mold remediation, and can help restore your mold-infested property back to its proper form. For more information about our Janesville mold removal services, please feel free to contact our office today with any questions or concerns.