We understand that a home disaster isn’t always due to a gas leak or natural occurrence. Sometimes the person living within the home can cause issues to arise. Hoarding, the act of having or collecting excessive amounts of things, can lead to many negative effects. It’s a good idea to get things cleaned up as soon as you can. If you have a hoarding problem, we can help! We help residents in New Berlin with their hoarding cleanup.

A home that has been overridden by hoarding is in need of restoration, depending on the level of severity. We are here to take the burden off your shoulders and clean up the mess and reclaim your home. By coming in and cleaning up the mess, we are not only helping to restore your home, but also your life!

What is hoarding and what is the cause?

As stated above, hoarding is the act of having or collecting excessive amounts of things. Sometimes animals fall into this category as well. Hoarding can lead to a cluttered and unsanitary living environment, only leaving narrow pathways to navigate the space. Overall, the act may start out innocently, but soon can grow into a dangerous problem.

So how does it start? The most likely answer to this question is that it is a mental state. It could possible stem from one’s genetics and/or upbringing as well. It can involve and affect anyone, no matter what age, gender, race or economic status.

Hoarding levels:

There are five levels of hoarding. Below are examples on how to assess at which level the state of hoarding has become.

Level 1: The owner’s home is still accessible with little to no spill or pet accidents. There is clutter, but it is very excessive.

Level 2: One or more exits are blocked and/or a major appliance is not working causing fire hazards. There are some spills, odors and bug infestation. Clutter is excessive and garbage is overflowing.

Level 3: Clutter has spread outdoors due to lack of space inside. Two or more major appliances no longer function. There are multiple spills, definite odor and hazardous substances are found.

Level 4: The home is visibly damaged. Evidence of mold and/or mildew growth has formed,  strong odors, common rooms such as the kitchen and sleeping areas are unusable, rotting food is found.

Level 5: The home has major structural damage. This could result in no power, no water, and no sewer function. There are obvious hazards, such as a fire or poor health. The home is deemed not livable.

Signs and symptoms of hoarding:

This is not limited to, but might include all or some of the following:

  • Cluttered living spaces
  • Clutter and piles covering countertops or other surfaces found in the home
  • Refusing to throw anything away resulting in:
    • Accumulation of unnecessary items such as excessive newspapers, magazines or junk mail or trash.
    • Piles being moved outside once there is no more space left inside.
  • Difficulty organizing
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Extreme attachment to items


There are more serious complications as a result of hoarding than a giant mess. They can often lead to harm for the person or people involved. Below are a few occurrences as a result of too much clutter within one living space:

  • Clutter
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Increased risk of person falling
  • Increased risk of items falling on people
  • Inability to perform daily tasks, such as cooking or bathing
  • Poor focus and performance
  • Family conflicts
  • Loneliness due to social isolation

Prevention is possible! But we understand sometimes things go too far, and that’s where we step in. Don’t let the disorder and the messes consume your life of the life of a loved one any longer. If you are seeking professional help in New Berlin, then let us help you.