In Janesville, Wisconsin, fire damage can erupt in any property. Fire damage in Janesville can happen in an infinite amount of ways, but some of the most common occurrences can be due to kitchen accidents, unattended candles, incorrectly disposed cigarettes, overheated appliances, and much more. But regardless of the cause or source, a fire is a force that consumes all materials and items it touches, so be aware that damages will occur and the severity depends on how large a fire is able to grow.

Below is some advice we would like to share as to what to expect after experiencing fire damages in Janesville, WI, and how you can help jumpstart the restoration process with a few simple tasks.

Understand That You Will Experience Losses
When a fire does occur within your property, know that structural damages may occur and that some of your belongings may be classified as a complete loss. But try not to spend too much time on tending to permanently damaged items, and instead shift your focus onto undamaged or partially damaged items that can be fully recovered and restored.

Ventilate the Property
One of the first steps in the restoration process for fire damage in Janesville is to ventilate the property to lessen the amount of soot and dust in the air, reduce smoke odors, and help remove moisture and water from the area. You can help ventilate the property by opening all doors and windows of a property, and if it is deemed safe, you can use fans to help circulate the air within the property.

Removing Ash and Soot From Surfaces
When furnishings and tabletops are covered with soot or ash, you can remove a significant amount by vacuuming. The key to removing soot with a vacuum is that you must not directly touch or press the soot; otherwise you risk compounding the soot into the material and risk permanent tarnishing and odors. Instead, hover the vacuum hose above the soot-covered surface and allow the vacuum’s suction power to lift and capture the soot.

Reduce Smoky Walls and Floors
During a fire, smoke can often penetrate into the paint and varnish on walls, cabinets, and floors. When smoke has penetrated into these items, they can emit smoky odors days, months, and years after repairs have been made. To help reduce smoke odors, consider stripping the paint or varnish from your walls, ceilings, cabinetry, and floors, and apply a new coat of paint or varnish.

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