Storms and rainfall can wreak havoc on properties with drainage faults and openings, causing several issues with water damage for any property. When rainfall and water are able to enter properties,the issues they can cause arewater damage, structural damage, mold, and much more. When you need water and storm damage repair in Manitowoc, WI, call ServiceMaster Recovery Services Today. To help you handle water and storm damages in Manitowoc, we have some helpful advice you can use below.

Help with Storm Damages in Manitowoc:

• Contact your insurance: After sustaining any type of significant damage, whether it is from water or a structural breach,you should always consider contacting your insurance and file a claim. As soon as the damages have been discovered, remember to always make note of the damages and take photos or video to support your claims.

• Restoration is not a DIY task: If a storm has caused water damage in your property, bacteria and mold can be produced and settle in water and damp structures within hours, creating an unsafe environment.Water damage is not a simple project you can take on yourself.Due to the bacteria and potential mold that can be present, it’s best to get the assistance of a professional restoration company who is knowledgeable and have the skills to sanitize and repair structures.

• Dangers of fixtures and electrical outlets: When water has infiltrated your home and has caused damages, the risk of electrocution is always present. If standing water is present within your property,shut off the power feeding into your property before entering. Also remember to always avoid using any electrical fixtures, appliances, and outlets in the affected area, until it is inspected and deemed safe to use.

• Remove your valuables:When you sustain storm or water damages, it’s always best to remove all valuables, furniture, and electronics from the affected area and into a safe, dry location. This will help you avoid unnecessary damages and provide more room for the restoration experts to operate in.

• Dry wet or damp materials:When you have water damage or storm damage in Manitowoc, WI, you will most likely have either wet or damp walls, ceilings, and floors. As you wait for the restoration experts, open windows and use fans or dehumidifiers to dry structures and materials.

For all storm and water damage repairs in Manitowoc, WI, you can trust the local experts at ServiceMaster Recovery Services. We specialize in restoration services and we’ll be able to transform your home or commercial facility back to its rightful condition. For more information about our water and storm damage restoration services in Manitowoc, New Berlin, or Janesville, WI contact our office today!