When catastrophe strikes a government facility, there’s nothing more important to the community than restoring the facility and ensuring that our government offices are operating at normal levels. For this, you’ll need prompt cleanup services and the professionals with the experience in handling delicate environments.

We have the experience required to handle and restore precious documents, electronics, and vital records. For any government facility, security is a large concern, to help you also be confident in ServiceMaster Recovery Services, our employees all undergo background checks, will always arrive onsite following proper security procedures and have the proper clearances.

ServiceMaster Recovery Services gives you this and more. We’ve managed the restoration of government facilities through our nationwide network of disaster restoration specialists. A prime example would be the Pentagon after 9/11. Our resources include a network of more than 600 locations and the support of a $3 billion company. This enables us to answer your disasters more swiftly, mange your project more efficiently and get your facility back to normal as soon as possible.

When you put everything together, you can trust that ServiceMaster Recovery Services to minimize any disruptions, mitigate damages, and restore your facility back to normal. After all, when it comes to restoring facilities, even government buildings, ServiceMaster Recovery Services is all about restoring a peace of mind to our customers.