There are numerous properties throughout New Berlin that are affected by mold damage. For any property, mold is a looming threat, which can affect a variety of items. Mold can cause structural damages, health complications, affect flooring, and much more. When mold is discovered, it’s best to remediate and eliminate the mold as soon as possible before it is able to spread into other portions of your property.

Mold only needs three factors to live and grow, that is: a dark environment, a humid and moisture-rich environment, and an organic food source such as cellulose, which can be found in several building materials.The cause of mold within a property can be due to a number of factors, but one of the primary reasons is due to water damage or a water leak. This is what makes it so dangerous, because water leaks often go unnoticed until it has penetrated into the walls. The same can be said about mold, mold can grow without sending any hints until it becomes significant enough that it has penetrated into your wall becoming easily visible on the other side.

When you need to remove a mold infestation from any residential or commercial property, you need the assistance of ServiceMaster Recovery Services for New Berlin mold remediation services. Our team of experts are professionally trained and experienced, when we handle an infestation, our team will be sure to eliminate all growths with our mold removal services for New Berlin properties. Our technicians will contain the mold, remove infested materials, decontaminate structures, and make any necessary repairs.

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