Let’s get down and dirty with mold. No one ever wants to hear about it especially when it is in your home, and you are having to try and get rid of it. The only thing mold needs to grow is a damp, dark area and a food source. Today we will go over some not so common places you can find mold in your home.

Front Loading Washing Machines

You might not have guessed that the laundry room could be a home for mold growth. After all, isn’t it where clothing goes to get clean? You aren’t wrong, but it’s what is left behind after the clothes are all nice and washed that can lead to mold growth. Most often, people will close the doors to the front-loading washing machines which can lead to mold around the front door gaskets. Remember what we said mold needs to grow? A dark and damp area and a food source. The dampness that is left after the clothes have been washed is just enough to keep the mold colonies happy, and the leftover lint is a snack that any mold spore would love to eat. So, if you can, make sure to leave the doors open and allow for your washing machine to dry out completely after being used.


Some people can’t believe that a chimney can be a home for mold. The thing is, bricks have cracks and crevices that can collect water due to poorly managed chimney caps. After months of rain in the spring and days of snow in the winter- your chimney could be the breeding ground for thousands of mold colonies. The best way to prevent mold in the chimney is yearly maintenance with a chimney sweep and replacing old caps ever so often to protect against leaks.

And when you’re done looking up, don’t forget to look down. Carpeting is a prime spot for mold growth, so check carpeted areas that are prone to moisture collection.

Air Conditioners

Your air conditioner might be an out of sight out of mind type appliance in your home, but I can be the biggest contributor to mold in your house. The reason to take serious note of your AC system is that it can transport those mold spores throughout your home and into the rooms where you and your family spend the most time. How does mold grow in your HVAC system exactly? Great question. When the warmer months arrive and you turn on your cooling system, it creates water vapor which we call condensation. These water droplets combined with the dark basement or attic your HVAC system resides in are exactly what mold needs to flourish. The food source consists of the dust and debris that your system pulls in from the outside. The best way to prevent against mold in your AC system is to replace filters often. You will have one main filter attached to your system as well as smaller filters throughout the house. Replacing them consistently will lead to less debris getting into your ductwork and back to your system. If you already have a mold problem in your ductwork, it is best to call a certified mold remediation company in order to clean and remove all mold from the system.

If we learned anything, it’s that mold will grow when given the opportunity. Keep an eye out for damp areas in the home and make sure to dry and spills or leaks. It isn’t fun to deal with the costs associated with a full out mold remediation in your home, so taking the steps now to prevent it will only save you time and headaches in the future.