When a resident in Mequon or River Hills experiences any sort of water damage, Servicemaster Recovery Services are quickly on the scene. Homeowners throughout the area have sought out help for everything from fire restoration and remedial removal to heavy duty water restoration. Equipped with both professional resources and experience, we can help you during some incredibly trying experiences.

Water. It can be a source of energy and rejuvenation, but when circumstances change it can wreak havoc on our lives. Corroding materials, promoting mold, and festering bacteria making even our home a death trap. The circumstances can be undeniably stressful, but we are there to offer assistance in some of the following areas:

  • Water removal
  • Damage Clean-up
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Drying
  • Carpet Restoration
  • General Restoration

One of the most dreadful experiences a family can face is when their beloved home is lost to a horrid fire. To help ease that pain, restoration companies provide help to those who need damage repair and quick. The process begins with an initial assessment, clean up, then lastly restoration. Equipped with advanced technology to help get you home into the best condition possible, we have extensive knowledge on how to tackle even the toughest of problems.

In addition to helping you clean up water damage, we assist with:

  • Damage assessment
  • Smoke and debris removal
  • Clean salvaged walls
  • Renovate ceilings
  • Remove excess water or fire retardants left behind
  • Mold removal
  • Clean selected damaged items

It is not uncommon for homeowners to dismiss mold after a fire or flood has brought harm to their home. Mold is a lot more than just something growing on some food in your fridge. It can fester within the walls and make your family incredibly ill. For this reason, having your home assessed for possible mold or the future of mold growth can be vital to keeping the integrity of your home long-term. With our advanced equipment, you will be able to finally rest in your home and know you are safe.

Throughout the process, we work alongside your insurance provider to make sure we are tackling this issue with a strategic plan. A plan that works for both your family’s schedule, lifestyle, and budget.

No matter the building you are looking to protect, whether it is a home or commercial building, you can trust we will work hard to bring your property back to its glory days. With us, you can expect a fast response to all damage scenarios