Signs of Water Damage

A wet basement can not only be a threat to the value of your home but can leave you feeling icky every time you make a trip downstairs. Basement moisture can ruin the flooring and walls, left unchecked mold can start to appear and take over your space. Its important not to ignore tell tale signs that water is starting to infiltrate your living space.

Having a weakened foundation due to water damage can become a large problem if aggressive action isn’t taken, it is imperative that any issues that arise are repaired as quick as possible to avoid any further property damage or incur any more expenses. Something that may have been a quick fix can turn into thousands of dollars when left untreated. Some tell-tale signs that you have water damage include:

Water Stains and Texture Cracks

Water Stains and Texture Cracks may seem like something you may be able to spot fairly quickly however many times they start off small. Until a stain or crack becomes very large, most homeowners tend not to notice them. Carefully check your walls for cracks and stains that may not have been there before. Check around door and window frames and make sure water isn’t leaking from a pipe or old caulking.

Musty Odor:

Mold and mildew are common side effects of water damage. Often times the water may not be visible to the high but may be picked up with the nose. If you notice a musty odor that refuses to go away it is probably a sign of water damage. Moisture or water damage tends to also lead to mold if left untreated.


Mold can be visible or picked up by scent. Its important to pay attention to odors in the basement that aren’t usually there. Check furniture, walls and all basement surfaces to see if they have any signs of mold. Mold can appear in various colors, it can be dark green, black or white. If you discover mold in your basement do not hesitate to call a professional immediately.

If you are not dealing with a current water damage crisis and want to engage in ways to prevent the possibility of water damage altogether there are some precautionary steps you can take. Here are a few tips you can use that will help you avoid water damage from our friends at Pyramid Restoration Los Angeles:

Add Gutter Extensions

Adding plastic or metal gutter extensions can help by dumping water farther away from your house. If water is typically dumped less than 5 feet away from your house, you may be a good candidate for gutter extensions. If this solution doesn’t appeal to you aesthetically you can always consider a permanent drain pipe that runs underground. This will ensure the water is a safe distance away from your house while still remaining pleasing to the eye.

Plug Gaps

If water is starting to trickle into your basement around plumbing pipes a solution would be to plug the openings with caulk. Hydraulic cement or Polyurethane caulk tends to be relatively inexpensive and can save you thousands in the long run. A plug is your best solution if water is coming through a small hole from a surface runoff or wet soil.

Install a Curtain Drain

If you are a person who does not have working footing drains, we have a solution for you. By installing curtain drains you will be able to change the path of the water that is traveling underground toward your house. A curtain drain will intercept the water before it gets to your house and carry it away from your property. This drain is filled with gravel and perforated piping and is a great way to avoid potential water damage problems.

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