A place of worship has a much more significant meaning and does not act as just an ordinary building. It’s a spiritual home. And if a disaster occurs, it’s imperative to repair as soon as possible for the individuals who worship, visit, and work there.

ServiceMaster Recovery Services specializes in disaster restoration for properties and buildings of all types. All things considered, a place of worship contains several items that needs the expertise of a restoration expert, items such as large gathering rooms, antique furniture, musical instruments, cooking areas, and more, all may need to be treated and ServiceMaster Recovery Services offers exactly that.

Our resources include a network of more than 600 locations and the support of a $3 billion company. This allows us to answer to your disasters more quickly, provide top quality project management and get your facility back to normal as soon as possible.

After all, ServiceMaster Recovery Services is here to restore your peace of mind as well as your place of worship.