When it comes to mold, you are going to typically find it in humid environments. This does not simply mean near the ocean or a river. You can find mold growing in kitchens and bathrooms of nearly any property. Sometimes you can see the mold but not smell it, sometimes you can not see it but smell it. Other times it takes a professional to come in and point out this hazardous material. The unfortunate thing about mold is how easily it can spread to other areas of your property, similar to a virus. Those in your home may breathe in the mold spores that are whisked into the are, causing them to grow ill. Some common signs of mold exposure include sneezing, coughing, sore throat, or a runny nose. These symptoms are mild and may not be as detrimental to some. However, for someone with asthma, it can cause lifelong respiratory or immune system issues. The same is true for black mold. Black mold is particularly toxic and should be removed immediately to prevent anyone from growing ill.

If you find you may be exposed to any type of mold, consider calling ServiceMaster Recovery Services today to help keep your home safe for everyone who enters.

Common Molds

Some common types of mold that you will want to avoid and need professionals to come in and handle include:

Pathogenic: Harms the immune system

Toxigenic: Toxigenic spores give off mycotoxins. Those mycotoxins can lead to a long list of health issues.

Allergenic: For those that have allergies or asthma, these pores can make life miserable.

Homeowner and property managers can decrease the risk of mold by doing things like having their carpets regularly cleaned or not allowing water to sit on countertops or floors. Make sure spills are cleaned up, not collected in sinks or tubs, and pipes are not leaking. Also be sure to have ventilation in your kitchen and bathroom.

These small steps can make life much simpler when it comes to keeping mold out, but if you find you may have missed an area in your home that has grown mold, be sure to us today for immediate help.