Mold in the workplace is an occupational health hazard and needs to be identified and eliminated with proper mold remediation techniques. A trusted team of trained professionals should be contacted to offer an assessment of the mold situation of any structure that has recently experienced water damage from a flood. The water used to extinguish the blaze of a house or building fire can also lead to the development of a mold problem. Older buildings or structures that have not been properly maintained may have rotting wood or damp areas where mold has formed. ServiceMaster Recovery Services provides mold removal solutions to businesses, as well as homes, in Marquette, WI. Mold needs moisture and humidity to spread and mold spores can lie dormant until the right conditions make its growth possible. High humidity can help colonies thrive and produce more spores. These spores can work their way into carpet fibers or land on counter tops and other surfaces. When moisture is introduced to their environment, a mold problem can develop.

A leaky roof, or clogged gutters on a building can allow excess water to enter the home. When this water spreads across ceilings and works its way into wood a mold problem may result. The presence of mold can go undetected or hidden behind drywall or baseboards. Leaky pipes under sinks can also provide the ideal environment for mold to thrive. Mold remediation includes the identification of the mold, an assessment of the severity and the necessary removal techniques.

Keeping carpets clean with professional steam cleaning can help reduce the risk, as will cleaning kitchens and bathrooms with bleach. Not allowing water to collect on counter-tops or any surface is a good part of keeping mold at bay, but a professional mold remediation service may be necessary once the problem has developed and spread to other areas. ServiceMaster Recovery Services provides mold removal solutions for businesses and homes in the Marquette area that are fast and effective. Call us today.