Mold is a microscopic organism that feeds off organic material. Mold can develop into colonies and only then can it be detected by the naked eye. A mold colony may appear blue, black or even green. Mold relies on moisture and humidity to thrive and spread. Wet baseboards in bathrooms and kitchens or floorboards near leaky pipes will provide an excellent environment for mold to develop. Mold colonies disperse spores which travel through the air. These tiny spores can be found in dust particles and can settle deep into the fiber of carpets. Professional mold remediation experts should be consulted to eradicate mold from every room in the building. ServiceMaster Recovery Services provides mold removal services to homes and businesses in Marinette, WI.

When mold spores travel through the air, they can come to rest on damp surfaces where they will grow and spread. Professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning is one way to destroy spores that land on carpets, rugs and furniture. Replacing damp and rotting floorboards and baseboards is necessary. Addressing plumbing issues such as leaky pipes under sinks or showers stalls that allow water to collect on bathroom floors is necessary.

While the presence of mold may cause only minor irritation to the occupants of an office building or the residents of a home, some experience symptoms that are much more severe. Black mold is an especially toxic type of mold that can lead to problems with the immune system and can even cause mental health issues. Asthma sufferers are especially sensitive to mold and other people may experience allergic reactions or symptoms similar to hay fever.

No matter how mild or severe the symptoms, mold needs to be eliminated from the building before it can adversely affect the health of its occupants. We serve the community of Marinette and surrounding areas of Wisconsin with the identification, assessment and removal of mold colonies so your family or the employees of your business are not harmed.