We understand that a home disaster isn’t always due to a gas leak or natural occurrence. Sometimes the person living within the home can cause issues to arise. Hoarding, the act of having or collecting excessive amounts of things, can lead to many negative effects. It’s a good idea to get things cleaned up as soon as you can. If you have a hoarding problem, we can help! We help residents in New Berlin with their hoarding cleanup.

A home that has been overridden by hoarding is in need of restoration, depending on the level of severity. We are here to take the burden off your shoulders and clean up the mess and reclaim your home. By coming in and cleaning up the mess, we are not only helping to restore your home, but also your life!

What is hoarding and what is the cause?

We want to make sure that our clients get special care with this type of cleaning service. This is why we have researched hoarding and know more about the problem to provide understanding, compassionate care. We work alongside the person to ensure that they have a cleaner space, but also that they get the time and space they need to work through the disposal process.

We are Certified and Sensitive

This is a big project and having professionals that come in to handle it is essential. Our services provide not only the best clean up methods, but we are certified to provide the sensitive and caring cleanup services required to have the space cleaned and maintained.

You want our professional team that has done this many times and knows how to handle difficult situations. Whether you’re calling for yourself or for someone you know, we can provide the high quality, sensitive services you can trust in.

During Hoarding Cleanup, We Provide:

  1. Sensitive, Understanding Cleanup Care
  2. Help Locate Lost Items During Cleanup
  3. Work with Understanding, Compassionate Crew Members
  4. Coordinate Recycling and Donation
  5. Assist in Distribution of Items Kept to Family and Friends
  6. Help with All Paperwork Required
  7. Remove Debris, Clutter and Other Items
  8. Provide Compassionate Care in the Pace the Client Needs

Hoarding Cleanup Process

In order to understand our technique and whether or not we are the best suited for the job, we provide a break down of the process that we use. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible working with us.

  1. Speaking with the Owner – We include the owner throughout each and every step to ensure that they understand everything that is being done, while giving them control of the cleanup process.
  2. Decontamination – We decontaminate all areas that have been cluttered from hoarding to make a safe area for living.
  3. Airing Out – The spaces need to be cleaned out and aired out. We provide the deodorizer that can do this effectively.
  4. Disposal/Recycling/Donation – We take care of the disposal, recycling, donation and removal of all items, no matter where they’re going.
  5. Closing – We make sure everything is cleaned up and ready to go once all is said and done. We do a thorough, yet compassionate job for this type of sensitive cleanup project.

Want to Know More?

Just give ServiceMaster Recovery Services a call to find out even more regarding the services we provide. Get help now for the clutter that needs to be removed and the job that needs to be done.

Never trust in just anyone for this type of cleanup, we specialize in hoarding clutter cleanup!

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