ServiceMaster Recovery Services offers emergency disaster response services to customers in Southeastern, Northeastern Wisconsin, and the Upper Michigan. Over the years, we have helped thousands of clients both big and small recover from disasters. By providing emergency recovery services to mitigate a wide range of disasters including storm, water, flood and fire damage, we help reestablish residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Why we are different?

We understand that all disasters are unique and need customized recovery approaches. We also understand the urgency to restore your property back to its original state. With FlexServ program, you are guaranteed a customized immediate response to any of your disaster.

With FlexServ program, you can choose the action to take after a disaster has struck. You can let our team of professional responders to perform repair and cleanup, solving all your restoration needs with just a single call. You can also choose to finish the project yourself. We have the latest technology equipment that you can rent from us to help you finish the disaster recovery project yourself.

If you don’t know which equipment to choose for your residential or commercial restoration services, we have simplified everything for you. With FlexServ program, you will work with professionals who are always ready to help you select restoration equipment that suits your needs. Our equipment rentals are not just ordinary equipment but top-notch products that are serviced and maintained before and after each us.

When you choose to finish the product yourself, our services does not end after equipment delivery. We also have expert technicians who are ready to offer equipment set-up or any assistance if needed.

ServiceMaster FlexServ packages

At ServiceMaster Recovery Services, we will work with you to develop an effective FlexServ package based on the extent of property damage and your budget. Below are plans available for you.

1) Drying Services Plan

If you have encountered water damage at your residential or commercial property, fast response is required to minimize damages. With drying services plan, you can choose our professional-grade dry out equipment and labor to help you dry out your belongings as quickly as possible. Some of our dry out equipment includes rental air movers, dehumidifiers, moisture readings and monitoring equipment. We provide equipment delivery and setup, and also assist with equipment pick-up and removal.

2) Extract & Treat Plan

If your home has experienced water damage from leaky pipes, storms or floods, and you require more than just dry-out services, this is the right plan for you. We provide access to several water extraction equipments and labor. This plan also includes anti-microbial treatment, carpet, and hard surface flooring assessment.

3) Direct Equipment Rental Package

This ServiceMaster FlexServ package is an ideal plan for you if you want to finish the disaster recovery project yourself. Through this plan, you can rent out a professional-grade disaster restoration equipment to help you with your disaster recovery needs. You don’t need to worry about equipment breakage as we offer both pre-and post-equipment rental equipment check.

Get in Touch

We know that a quick response is important when disaster strikes to control the damage. We are there when you need us most. Call toll-free: 888-998-1714 for immediate assistance.