Fire Prevention WeekOct 8 – 14th is Fire Prevention Week and as we embark on fire safety and understanding what to do, how to do it and where to do it, keep in mind that an estimated 350,000 fires that responders go too per year. The numbers are even hire, as this only represents three quarters of all fires in structures. This is close to $1 billion dollars in damage, as well as injuries and lives lost due to the fire.

By having a clear fire safety plan in place, the chances of getting out of a fire are better. Additionally, smoke alarms should be set up throughout the home to alert those living within it of a fire. These are important to have and can make a huge difference.

RACE to Get Help

When it comes to having a fire in your home, there are a few ways that you’re able to come up with great plans. RACE is one of those ways. This helps all people living in the home safely evacuate before the fire becomes worse.

Rescue – Help those in the home that are unable to help themselves, such as smaller children, elderly or pets.

Alarm – Get the proper help by calling 911 if there is a fire.

Contain – Shut doors and windows that are in the way of the flames to slow them down and help the fire from spreading.

Extinguish or Evacuate – If the fire is small enough to be put out, extinguish it. For fires that are too large to put out, evacuate and wait for help.

Create a plan of the home using grid paper. Show all of the rooms of the house, what everything looks like and then draw an evacuation plan that everyone can follow. Practice this plan with everyone, meeting at the safe spot that you choose. Once outside, stay outside, never go back into a burning building for anything.

Teaching children the proper evacuation and plan can help them in the long run. Remember, every second counts and when there is no doubt in their mind on what they have to do, they’re better able to react and get out.

The Aftermath of a Fire

So many people ask now what to do they do? After a fire has been put out, you might not know what to do next. This is for the simple fact that the fire could have done so much damage that it is hard to clean up the pieces and go back to normal life. When the time comes, here are some steps you should take.

Call a Restoration Company

This is a company that is going to come out and help you go through everything. Call them over, they will be there in less than an hour. They can let you know what they think the best plan of action is. They’re professionals there to help you put your home back in order.

Take Pictures and Document it All

Insurance companies want to have pictures of the damaged items, as well as anything else that might be in the home. With these pictures, you will have an easier time having them cover the damages. The more evidence you have of the fire that happened, the easier it is going to be for you.

Start Clean Up

The clean up process can be a long one, but with a restoration company on your side, you can reduce the time it is going to take you to return back to normal. The company is great at getting items back to how they once were.

If you have suffered a house fire, speak with us here to find out how we can help you restore your home back to how it once was.