A fresh, clean carpet is exactly what you want right now. Looking at the current state of your carpet probably makes you want to shiver and run away. We understand what you’re going through because we help people all of the time get their carpet back to the way it was before dirt, grime, and odor took over. We are the masters when it comes to carpet cleaning in Milwaukee!

About Our Carpet Cleaning Milwaukee Services

Carpet absorbs more than anything else in your home. This is why many people turn to us for professional carpet cleaning.

Your carpet should be professionally cleaned every six to twelve months.

Rented carpet cleaning equipment usually leaves carpets wet. That leaves detergent and moisture behind that could lead to mildew. At ServiceMaster Restore, we have professional grade equipment that will clean your carpet fully removing dirt, detergent and moisture. All you are left with is a clean, dry, fresh smelling carpet.

Our professional carpet cleaning services include:

  1. Inspection of your carpets to assess the best cleaning equipment to use
  2. Pre-treatment for hard to remove stains and spots
  3. Pre-application of cleaning products to loosen dirt
  4. Hot water rinse
  5. Post-treating for residual stains
  6. Carpet grooming to ensure the carpet doesn’t only dry completely but looks good too
  7. Final inspection to ensure the carpet have been cleaned to quality standards

Call ServiceMaster Restore today for a speedy response to your carpet cleaning needs. We service Milwaukee residents with certified technicians who have been trained extensively. All technicians receive extensive pre-employment screen, education in a classroom setting and on-the-job training.

We are committed to providing the best in carpet cleaning with not only high quality, professional grade equipment, but also with technicians who know how to use it. Contact us today for carpet cleaning Milwaukee services. We are available day or night to answer your calls! Call Toll-Free 888-998-1714 or Local at: 262-518-7170